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Porsche was saddled with a common problem: a graveyard intranet that was not useful for employees and thus rarely visited. Additionally, the information that employees did need was scattered across several locations, with widespread confusion about where to find what.

Additionally, Porsche employees are often on the road. Frequent trips to Germany and to attend car shows across North America meant that working teams were often in different places.


Tribe’s analysis was that building a better intranet would be only part of the solution. Success would depend on making it a go-to place that employees actually used day-to-day in their jobs, coupled with a launch program to build initial traffic.


The first step was a Discovery phase to hear from employees what features and content would help make their jobs easier. The result was an intranet that streamlined their work process, simplified collaborating across geography, and provided easy access to the information they needed to do their jobs.

Porsche Connect was built using Sharepoint 2010, maximizing the use of out-of-the-box technology but programming a few custom features that provided substantial bang for the buck.

Rich content was loaded prior to launch, including leadership blogs, employee spotlights and a live cam of ongoing construction at Porsche’s future office building.

To drive traffic to the new intranet, the launch was supported by pre-launch communications that included a contest to name the site and other ways to engage employees ahead of time. The launch day itself was celebrated with an employee breakfast featuring computer kiosks for demos of the site, an online scavenger hunt to find answers within the site’s content and a professional photographer taking pics for employee profiles on the site, with a choice of backgrounds that ranged from the Autobahn to Mulholland Drive. Loading these profile photos also drove early traffic to the site, because employees were motivated to replace the security badge photo that had been auto-loaded with a more flattering shot.