Embassy Embassy2


Embassy Suites by Hilton is a brand of upscale all-suite hotels with over 200 properties in six countries. Their Make a Difference culture is built on the values of being gracious, engaging and caring.


In the hotel business, the frontline and back-of-house employees are the ones who create the guest experience, making it particularly important to communicate the culture and values. Yet these employees are difficult to reach because they’re moving targets throughout shifts. Almost all communication comes through their direct managers or the GM in their daily pre-shift huddles.

Managers had some personal experiences of how the values had impacted the guest experience, but needed help in giving concrete examples and in leading discussions with their teams.


We wrote the book on culture – a 120-page book with a wealth of stories and specific examples of Embassy Suites associates applying the values to various real-life guest issues and hotel situations. There were chapters devoted to leadership, recognition, teamwork, problem resolution and more. For each chapter, there was a downloadable worksheet and discussion guide to help managers lead conversations on that topic with their teams.

Every GM and Sales Director in the company received a copy of the book (also available on Amazon) and training on how to use the worksheets for each chapter. The associates mentioned in the book enjoyed the recognition, but more importantly, they helped other associates understand how they could react to various situations with the values in mind.