We hire talented people who know how to
get things done

Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin

CEO & Executive Creative Director

  • Grew up in Chapel Hill and chants Tar Heel fight songs
  • Loves researching family genealogy
  • Has run one marathon, one triathlon and many trail races
  • Writes historical novels in her spare time
  • Connoisseur of really tasteless jokes

Steve Baskin

President and Chief Strategy Officer

  • Has been playing in bands professionally since he was 15
  • Runs triathlons and consistently medals
  • Grew up in South Georgia yet has no accent
  • Played the French horn in marching band
  • Is a songwriter with three albums

Brittany Walker

Account Supervisor

  • Wakes up before 5 a.m. twice a week to workout
  • Has an affinity for sour gummies
  • Loves reality TV
  • Takes tailgating very seriously
  • Proud mom of two boys – one human, one yellow lab

Tom Warren


  • Worked as a veterinary tech before switching careers
  • Invented a board game called Crustacean Crusaders
  • Once partied hard on stage with Andrew W.K.
  • Graduated from Creative Circus
  • Friend of animals

Connor Garrett


  • Wrote a poetry book titled Life in Lyrics
  • Writes copy by day, sings in the shower by night
  • Runs a satire website called The Millennial Snowflake
  • The Rainman of basketball statistics
  • Started a Dead Poet’s Society in a cave

Jeff Smith


  • Chili cook off champion
  • Non-official Dave Matthews Band historian
  • Parks & Rec. expert
  • Chooses restaurants based off of the menu design 
  • Co-founder of Hot Dog Mondays

Amanda McClay

Project Manager

  • Worked for Anheuser Busch but doesn’t drink beer
  • Worked for the Carolina Panthers and can do the growl
  • Can drive a stick shift
  • Ramen noodle aficionado
  • Went to USC and owns a Gamecock cornhole set