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Georgia-Pacific is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paper and pulp products, employing more than 35,00 people at over 200 plants and facilities. Their brands include Northern toilet tissue, Brawny paper towels and Dixie paper products, as well as numerous building products from plywood to gypsum board.

A huge majority of their employees are non-desk workers in environments without dedicated computers. Although G-P has an extensive intranet and other digital communication channels, they rarely reach all those people working in the plants.


Non-desk workers in any industry want to be to acknowledged for their role in the company’s success and to know they’re not invisible to corporate. They also want to feel connected to something larger than their specific plant or location and to know about the company’s accomplishments and plans for the future.


Tribe works with Georgia-Pacific to create an annual year-in-review magazine that celebrates the frontline workers in a meaningful and substantial way. Our research with non-desk employees nationwide indicates that these frontline employees want management – and the rest of the company – to understand the realities of their jobs.

To showcase the actual employees in their work environments, Tribe shoots in several different mill and lumberyard locations each year. The caliber of the photography is key to the success of this magazine, as the shots are both authentic and heroic.

Another benefit of a printed piece like GROWTH magazine is the ability for employees to share the publication with others. Being able to show the magazine to family and friends has been an important element of building pride in the company and in employee engagement overall.