Ensono Final2Ensono Final


Ensono is a mainframe and cloud solutions company that recently split from Acxiom, their former parent company. New leadership worked quickly to reinvent the business direction and develop the building blocks of a new culture and brand.

Employees were excited about the change because their business had not been particularly celebrated at their former company. The brand launch was eagerly anticipated because they were in the dark about almost everything about their new company – including what its name would be.


One key challenge was the desire to have all employees experience the launch simultaneously. Geography, time zones and a range in office size also added their own complexities. In addition to large offices in Downers Grove, IL and Conway, AK, the company has offices in Poland and the UK, as well as numerous home-based employees.


Tribe used a system of employee ambassadors at each location to help coordinate and host the launch event. Over six weeks of conference calls, the ambassadors were coached through the preparations, from venue to run-of-show.

Event materials were scaled to fit the number of employees at each location and home-based employees were included with an event-in-a-box delivered the day of the global town hall at which the announcement would be made.

A new employee website was timed to launch the day of the event, with information about the process developing the new name, vision and mission of the company, as well as personality quiz results for the leadership team, instructions on updating email signatures with the new company name of the new name, and downloadable brand assets.

To build immediate traffic to the website, each event location provided on-site computers and entry instructions for a trivia contest. The answers to the trivia questions could all be found on the new employee site. Completed entry forms were entered into a drawing for prizes branded with the new logo.

To treat employees of the new company as celebrities, they were met by a red carpet and paparazzi when they arrived at work the day of the event. Those photos were immediately uploaded to the employee website during the town hall announcement, so they provided another reason to check out the new site.