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Purchasing Power, a startup acquired by the Quicken Loans family of companies, took pride in their entrepreneurial culture and free-spirited workforce. The company provides clients with a voluntary benefit that allows people to pay for large purchases by payroll deduction rather than going into debt.


Post acquisition by Quicken, employees were uncertain of what was changing and what was not. The CEO wanted to put a stake in the ground that clearly articulated the vision of the company moving forward and the values with which he wanted employees to make decisions in their work.


The Purchasing Power vision book is a 7” x 7” booklet that marks a moment in time – the moment of stepping out of the past and into the future. Tribe worked with the CEO and his leadership team to define and refine the company vision, the collective purpose and their values, or super powers, as they like to call them.

Many of the ideas and concepts expressed in the vision book were already indigenous to the culture; others were more aspirational in nature. The CEO and his leadership team were noteworthy in their desire to avoid the standard-issue values like honesty and integrity in favor of standouts like “Solutions: Figure it out and execute. Kill the snakes.”

The values were positioned as a filter for employees to use when making decisions on behalf of the company. The book gives a few concrete examples of business situations and let’s employees know that “The Super Powers give you the freedom to walk away from revenue-generating opportunities because you know, in the long run, it’s not the right thing to do for the company.”