Web Work


PVH is a large holding global company for numerous apparel brands, including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, IZOD, Speedo and more. Corporate headquarters are in New York, causing some employees on other continents to find the company somewhat US-centric. The company intranet at the time was accessible only in North America, which didn’t help that perception. Employees generally identified with the specific brand they worked for, such as Calvin or Tommy, rather than the parent company of PVH.


The challenges in this case were several. First, help connect employees across the many silos of multiple brands and geographic locations and establish some affinity with the parent brand of PVH. Secondly, share knowledge and best practices across brands. And thirdly, create a steady flow of fresh content relevant to each brand and country without taxing the already overloaded communications staff.


The answer, along with an internal magazine to create shared pride in all the brands and locations, was the company’s first global intranet. The Thread was built outside the firewall to be accessible from anywhere, via mobile or computer. A Navigation Guide was provided in more than a dozen languages to help employees learn the site quickly and easily.

Tribe also created a Content Manager program to equip employees in every brand and location to provide relevant content on an ongoing basis. A Content Manager Manual and News Guide were provided to each participating employee, and Tribe provided online training for employees during their work hours, whether they were located in LA, Milan or Tokyo.